When you purchase a piece from our collection, you make a difference in the lives of women and their children and become a part of our community. Welcome to KOLUNTU.


SUSU Accessories

Fashion brand of handbags and accessories whose roots are buried deeply in the ancestral art of the indigenous Wayúu, in La Guajira, Colombia. SUSU bags are the union of avant garde design from SUSU and Wayúu tradition. Two languages intertwined to produce bags endowed with soul and terroir. 

SUSU bags are versatile, chic and original, making them a perfect example of wearable art.

SUSU promotes sustainability with a Fair Trade philosophy for nearly 350 Wayúu knitters.


rue de emily bijoux

Colorful jewelry with a distinctive "BOHO meets SOHO" vibe. Each distinctive piece celebrates color, texture and different cultures from around the world.


Tulia’s Artisan Gallery

A Chicago-based, woman-owned business with a mission to show that art is Colombia’s other export by empowering master artisans using fair trade principles.  

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Blossom Inspirations

Our mission is to connect consumers to artisans through high-quality, eco-friendly products like toys, women's accessories and home decor, crafted under the tenets of Fair Trade.

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Via Seven

Built on the premise that we all must do our part, for now and for future generations, to help establish priorities and align values to impact today's incredibly challenging world, we believe that uplifting & empowering Women, and their Children, can make significant strides, creating a true ripple effect which will affect generations to come.

While our business model is extraordinary towels and soft goods for the home, it is our culture and values - rooted in fostering positivism, health, serenity, and love

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Erika Simmons

Erika Iris breathes new life into old cassette tapes and vinyl records, transforming them into fabulous pop-art portraits.



Socially responsible lifestyle brand that uses fashion to empower women and inspire change around the world. ILAVA is devoted to making women feel empowered and celebrated by offering a variety collections that tell the story of ILAVA women from Tanzania. .


Abby Alley

Design brand creating fashion collections in East Africa with the purpose of giving back to initiatives in the region that provide access to education, basic needs, and jobs.


Terra Klay

Terra Klay brings one of a kind, artisan handmade pottery from Northern India linking tradition, beauty, and cultural identity to offer a truly unique yet functional piece of art.


Sandpiper Imports

A unique & classic collection of .925 sterling silver jewelry that reflects the traditional craftsmanship and rich creativity of Balinese artisans while fully supporting fair trade principle


Chicago Fair Trade

Partnering with Metropolis Coffee, CFT brings you Fair Trade Coffee that supports farmers in South and Central America a Chicago based award winning coffee roaster and Chicago Fair Trade.

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Kathmandu Yogi

A yoga lifestyle brand that produces ethically made goods for a mindful audience. We deliver excellence in design, craftsmanship and functionality while empowering women in Nepal through fair trade, promoting cultural exchange and fostering conscious development.



Handcrafted leather goods for every soul.


Roslyne Smith

I am a South African artist living and working in the Chicago-land area. My style is often layering becoming more and more defined as I work into the shapes that transpire. Movement is created by the bold sweeps of color. I let go of my concerns and I let it all out .The music I listen to can often be soppy love songs but it subconsciously takes me to a place where magic happens. This is how I create and this is who I am. I felt something in my soul when I painted these works , I hope you do too.


Sobremesa by Greenheart

A fair-trade lifestyle brand inspired by a gathering of friends and the lively conversation that accompanies a delicious meal. Blending traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic, each handmade product is designed to sustain both the environment and the skilled artisans who make it.


Bright Endeavors

An innovative social enterprise that operates a job training program for young moms to handcraft high-quality candles as a pathway to providing a brighter future for their children. Every candle at Bright Endeavors is about creating powerful moments. These moments awaken a young mom’s self-worth, dreams, potential, and goals.


Beelove by Sweet Beginnings

An all natural line of raw honey and honey-infused body care products. We extract honey from our urban apiaries in the heart of the North Lawndale community in Chicago. Our honey is known for its complex flavor, a result of the varied flora of our urban environment.

Our natural, high quality products are produced by men and women returning from incarceration. At Sweet Beginnings, these talented men and women develop a stable work history, learn marketable skills and gain the confidence they need to re-enter the workforce.

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Mojo Owl

Mojo Owl is all about the metaphysical and the magickal world around us.  With crystals and Gemstones handpicked and handcrafted for their inspirational properties.

Healer, astrologer and jewelry designer, Nors makes everyday talismans that you love to wear.


The Boxberry

A collection of funny and punny greeting cards. Shop birthday cards, wedding cards, holiday cards, and charming notes for simple snail mail hellos. All products are designed and illustrated by Erin Bonham and made with love in Chicago.

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E.E. Mercantile & Co.

A conscious consumer general store which curates earth friendly, cruelty free, small batch makers from across the US. Our mission is "to protect".



At Balodana, we believe the solution to modern-day clothing woes is custom built and made-to-measure clothing. We are disrupting fast fashion tactics and ethos. Skilled dressmakers are commonly found in countries all over the world where people have not forgotten the value of high quality custom garments.

There is a value placed on clothing that fits, and an expectation of investing in a relationship with a tailor or dressmaker.

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Global Attic

Exotic home decor items to style-conscious customers who want unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise that can't be found at the typical home decor store. Whether masks, paintings, sculptures or furniture, our items transform bland living spaces, convey individuality, and help sustain global communities.


Cannan Fair Trade

Dedicated to artisan quality olive oil and other products. A social entrepreneurship firm, Canaan is based in Jenin, Palestine. Canaan sources agricultural food products from a network of 49 cooperatives organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association with membership numbering more than 1,700 farm families. Canaan products are certified fair trade; most are USDA organic and can be found at specialty and organic shops across the USA and Europe. Canaan's olives and olive oil are highly prized and valued for the wide impact they have on producers’ communities through fair trade practices.

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The Tulle Project

The Tulle Project is a movement, a tribe, and a space for females everywhere to express their strength, vulnerability, femininity, and whatever they want! The Tulle Project has taken beautiful, sophisticated skirts and transformed them into a symbol of feminine strength—charging women to express themselves, take ownership of their stories and create the life they’ve always wanted.



A social enterprise is a step in the journey toward independence and a new life after war and conflict. Members express themselves creatively while learning tangible skills that lead to self-sufficiency. Our trauma-informed approach allows artisans to achieve economic and social independence. Participants continue their healing within RefuSHE’s supportive environment while learning entrepreneurial skills creating amazing handmade Fair Trade accessories, scarves and Home Decor.



High quality, ethically made, customized sewn goods. In pursuit of a more just world, we employ women in need and primarily source natural, recycled, organic, materials or low-impact raw materials. .

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Queen Girls

Celebrating women through children’s books, stories of real women turned into fairy tales. Queen Girls goal is to teach our youngsters that our diversity makes each one of us unique, equally capable of doing anything we set ourselves out to do. To encourage them to find their happiness, passion, drive and self-confidence from within.  


Love Dot

Connects the savvy customer to emerging global brands and retailers from across the globe. High quality brands, one country at a time.



Contemporary womenswear brand creating vibrant statement pieces with a resort feel. The colorful pieces bought originally for a vacation will quickly turn into closet staples.


Mata Traders

We celebrate the talents and culture of the individuals who create our products. When factory-made textiles became prevalent many years ago, printers and weavers in India and Nepal were forced to turn to more menial forms of work to support their families, leaving artisan skills that were passed down for generations to be lost. In a time of globalization and fast-paced technology, we’re proud to support the groups of traditional fabric producers and jewelry makers who remain active today, keeping the art of handmade alive. Artisans utilizing techniques like hand embroidery, block printing, jewelry making, and screen printing have made Mata Traders the spunky, stylish brand it has become.

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The Life Bags

Vegan leather handbags and accessories with a mission to substantively impact underprivileged children out of poverty in order to one day put themselves out of business. Each Life Bag sold gives one backpack to a child in school in India.


Gabriela Ephrem

Chicago-based shoe company, with a limited batch assortment of women’s leather shoes. 

Inspired by the fashion-forward styles of Brazil, we bring a contemporary take and stylish twist to women’s footwear. Our shoes are Fair Trade, 100% genuine leather, cushioned insoles for all-day comfort, rubber outsoles for balance & stability. 


Truman’s Gentlemen Grooming

Conceived of by three professional men who grew tired of going to female-centric salons in order to get a good haircut. “We wanted services like shaves and shoe shines, services that salons just didn’t offer. We wanted to find a place where the customer was the most important person in the room and service was provided without an attitude. We wanted a place to relax where we could find flat screen TVs, a comfortable bar, and living room furniture. We found this did not exist, so we created Truman’s.”



Boutique featuring luxury clothing and accessories created by talented Latin American designers and brands who have a sustainable, socially conscious ethic.

We promote Latin American design in the fashion world by bringing fresh new looks and styles that will stand apart and that are also created in a socially responsible, sustainable and eco-conscious manner.